Eden and After

Rachel Margetts in collaboration with Joe Campbell and Greta Buikute.

Interactive audiovisual performance.  Video piece and composition. Enclave Galleries, London, 22/10/16

Eden and After was an interactive Audio-Visual performance responding to Alain Robbe- Grillet’s French-Slovak film Eden and After (1970). In collaboration with Joe Campbell and Greta Buikute a sound sculpture was built and deconstructed in a live performance. The sculpture was constructed using unwanted scrap material, found washed up on the shores of the Thames. Audience members and performers both took part in executing the piece. In this piece the designated performers were deconstructing the sound-sculpture to secret instructions. The sound of the sculpture’s own deconstruction was fed into a computer in the centre of the room in which audio clips were quickly edited and sent back out to the knowing performers as sonic queues.

Live Performance snippet @ Enclave.

The following video titled Game Theory is a post-production piece, using the sound of the performance blended with a new composition.