Eden and After

Rachel Margetts in collaboration with Joe Campbell and Greta Buikute.

Interactive audiovisual performance.  Video piece and composition. Enclave Galleries, London, 22/10/16

Eden and After was an interactive Audio-Visual performance responding to Alain Robbe- Grillet’s French-Slovak film Eden and After (1970). In this film a group of teenagers, bored by life and university, decide to embark on a series of psychosexual games testing their autonomy in the world and ultimately their mortality.

Ayn Rand told us that at the core of the universe is an objective individual self and that a genuine altruism is a lie. In this system, capitalism and its imposed economic and social orders are a natural extension of the self. The paradox of this form of individualism is that it creates a world in which the rules are already written. People are no more than the roles they embody, haunted by an illusion of motion and narrative. In this world, the individual’s aesthetics of human interaction (by extension sexuality and love) are irreducible from the aesthetics of economics graphs.

In Game Theory, I wanted to find out if it was possible to break through this dominant rhetoric in relation to performance and institutional space. The performance posed a question to those present: Who are the rules of performance written by?

In collaboration with Joe Campbell and Greta Buikute a sound sculpture was built and deconstructed in a live performance. The sculpture was constructed using unwanted scrap material, found washed up on the shores of the Thames. Audience members and performers both took part in executing the piece. In this piece the designated performers were deconstructing the sound-sculpture to secret instructions. The sound of the sculpture’s own deconstruction was fed into a computer in the centre of the room in which audio clips were quickly edited and sent back out to the knowing performers as sonic signals. The audience were deconstructing the sculpture at their own free will. The two groups can be viewed as a metaphor for the opposing ideologies of capitalism and anarchism. The sound of the entire de-construction acted as a score to the video piece.

Live Performance snippet @ Enclave.

The following video titled Game Theory is a post-production piece, using the sound of the performance blended with a new composition.