Rachel Margetts in collaboration with Siobhra Quinlain and Ben Osborn (Sound).

Performed at GLOGAUAIR Artist in residence program, Berlin, 22/07/16 and IDLE CHATTER, Salford, 22/10/16

LINGUA Extract.

Lingua is the age-old battle of communication, condensed into a 20-minute audiovisual lecture. This is a lecture which plays on a struggle of meaning; it contorts the word as it’s spoken and challenges the space between communication. In Lingua I am asking: Why are we fixated with the notion of attaining understanding or holding on to meaning? How can we actually ‘speak’ about language anyway? Do we ever really say something, have we ever said anything? What does it mean to ask?

Lingua looks to the unusual combination of fractal mathematics, chaos theory and Japanese poetry to discuss language problems. It works with these themes analogously, and in this way aims to replicate the broader psychological structure of human languages. As the lecture is delivered, a four-way soundscape of infinite glissandos passes sound around the room. In every silence, every pause, the video automatically generates fractal complexities, chaotic order. Audio and visual combine to expose the entropic reverberation of language – both in terms of physical reality and of meaning.