Yr lovely dead moon


Yr Lovely Dead Moon is an experimental, electronic spoken-word project from Rachel Margetts. A sound spliced with nods to no-wave and glitch and saturated with a twisted, melodic Musique concrète. Heady, stuttered poetry reminiscent of the explosive vocal energy of Anne Clark, the gender hypnotics of Jenny Hval.

Yr Lovely Dead Moon- Kali. Release with Karl Records, Berlin, 2018.


The Project has been described by Ransom Note as “narratives that drift atop cosmic lounge and post-punk influences; a synthesis of processed sounds and live electro acoustic forms” and from Independent label WANDA “troubadour heroism, a soundtrack for a virtual film. Abstract, glitched out and layered with languid rhythms, melodic refrains and spiralling clarinet, we are slowly and gradually beamed into a world ‘beyond’ this world.”

Yr Lovely Dead Moon- Physical Corpses. Release with Kepler 452b, Berlin, 2019.


Yr Lovely Dead Moon’s debut self-titled album is to be released in 2020. For this Rachel Margetts worked with collaborations from Joe Campbell, Greta Buikute (Odie Ji Ghast) and Ben Osborn.


Live @ Madame Claude, Berlin 2017.



Review from Ransom note, London, 2020.

Review from ‘The Electro Review’ on Physical Corpses, Berlin, 2019.

Interview with Musicbox, Zagreb, 2018/

Review from Wanda Portal, Manchester 2016.


Selected Performances

Supporting Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus, Islington Mill, Salford, 15.12.16.

me and lydia

Fat Out Fest, Islington Mill, Salford, 14.4.17.


Madame Claude, Berlin, 1.4.17.


Pornceptual does://about blank, Berlin, 22.6.18.


Whole: United queer festival, Brandenburg, 26.10.17.


Macaz, Bucharest, 23.9.18.


Trashera- *En-nightment*, Berlin, 10.10.17.


Dead Moon, Das, Yerevan, 12.4.18.


Medika, Zagreb, Croatia, 24.5.18.


Yr Lovely Dead Moon for Kepler 452b | The Return of Celestial Deities, Tbilisi, Georgia 11.5.19